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Vintage Tea Room in Ventnor, Isle of Wight

Why The 1940’s?

Lady Scarlett’s Tea Parlour pays homage to the 1940s era, with a special focus on the historical significance of World War II and the indomitable spirit of Winston Churchill. The 1940s marked a pivotal moment in history, defined by courage, resilience, and camaraderie. Through our vintage 1940s themed ambience, we seek to transport our guests back to those remarkable times, where the world faced adversity and emerged stronger together.

During World War II, people found comfort and solace in simple pleasures like gathering for tea. At our tea parlour, we recreate that sense of unity and community, providing a space for families to come together and cherish the memories of their loved ones, including those living with dementia.

Winston Churchill, an iconic figure in history, was an embodiment of steadfastness and determination during the war. He inspired hope and rallied the nation with his powerful speeches and unwavering leadership. We celebrate his legacy and honor his contributions by creating an atmosphere that reflects the spirit of those times.


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Take a Step Back in Time

Venture into the enchanting 1940s era, fondly remembered by many, at Lady Scarlett’s Tea Parlour in Ventnor on the Isle of Wight. Immerse yourself in our vintage 1940s themed ambience, reminiscent of life during WW2. Bring your family, including loved ones living with dementia, to relive the cherished old days.

We prioritize healthy eating and simple portions, celebrating the essence of going back to basics. Additionally, we proudly support Help for Heroes and are available for hire for birthday parties and other special celebrations. As you indulge in our delectable offerings, enjoy a breathtaking view of the beach.

Whether you want to experience history firsthand, pay homage to the heroes of the past, or simply enjoy a unique and heartwarming ambiance, Lady Scarlett’s Tea Parlour is the perfect destination. Step into our 1940s haven, where the spirit of World War II and the inspiring legacy of Winston Churchill thrive, and create cherished memories with your loved ones & experience the wonder of our popular tea parlour today!

Fancy Something a Little Different?

Discover the convenience of our takeaway option as well! Our vintage tea room holds a full license for both on-premises and off-premises dining, ensuring you can enjoy a relaxing wine and dine experience. Stay connected with our complimentary WiFi while your kids have a blast with games like Connect 4 to keep them happily engaged. Delight in the taste of New Forest ice cream and for those with gluten restrictions, we offer gluten-free cones and wafers. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!

We're Going on Tour!
18TH MAY - HMP IOW FUN DAY / 10AM-4PM / On the Green outside Albany Prison (opposite St Mary's Hospital Newport, PO30 5RS)

8TH JUNE - D-Day 80 Newport / 10AM-4PM / Victoria Recreation ground, Newport IOW, PO30 5AH

30TH JUNE - Wight Wheels 24 / 10AM-4PM /  Chale Recreation ground, Chale PO38 2JE

6TH JULY - Ventnor day / 12NOON - 6pm / Ventnor park, Park Avenue, Ventnor  PO38 1LB

20TH/21ST JULY - "The flying Forties" / 10AM-4PM / both days  Sandown Airfield, Sandown PO36 0JP

11TH August - "Sandown Regatta" / Timings TBC / Sandown Esplanade PO36 8JS
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